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a Sherlock critique meme

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Welcome to the Sherlock Critique meme. The main focus of this community is to provide helpful critique to (primarily) Sherlock fanfic writers who wish to have their stories essentially picked apart, either due to being slightly masochistic, wanting to improve their writing, or both.

You are not required to post your work to critique/provide feedback, and you are not required to provide feedback in order to post your work. The moderation will be fairly relaxed unless serious issues rise up. However, here are some basic rules:

1. Anons, non-anons and sock accounts are all welcome.
2. Be as blunt or as sugar-coated in your feedback as you wish.
3. Do not post links to downloads that violate copyright.
4. No linking to friend-locked content.
6. Try to stay on-topic as best as possible.

Not required, but encouraged:
- If you are filling a prompt from the meme, please post a link to the prompt.
- Trigger Warnings, although not mandatory, are highly encouraged.

There are two separate threads: One for Sherlock fanfic of any adaptation and cross-overs with Sherlock characters as the main characters, and one for other fandoms. Please post your story to the correct entry. Stories posted to the incorrect entry will be deleted without notice.

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